Our menu

One of the founding guidelines of PoFfles is, and from when the idea was conceived was, to produce high quality foods that I would eat myself.

Where possible, I have tried to work with local producers and stores to buy the ingredients.

And, to be fair, it has been a learning curve and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way but I think that PoFfles now serves just the right mix of food you want to see at festival or other event:

Bacon / Bacon or egg rolls. Succulent, thick, back bacon that has just the right amount of crispiness. Served with or without a free range egg just the way you ask for it on a soft roll. The only question is red or brown sauce?

Or perhaps you would prefer just an egg roll?

Panini’s with a range of fillings – choose from tuna and cheese, cheese and ham, cheese and tomato or bacon and brie. Or choose any combination of those fillings.

We now do wraps with various fillings (we are still deciding what this years line up will be here!)

Jacket spuds. Butter, beans, cheese, beans and cheese, chilli, chilli and cheese…the choice is yours!

Chilli pots. A lovely pot of chilli con carne with or without crushed tortilla chips on top!

Please bear with us while we get some quality photographs!