Sausage, Bacon and Egg Cob: Contains wheat, eggs, soybeans, sulphur dioxide/sulphites

Sausage and Bacon Cob: Contains wheat, soybeans, sulphur dioxide/sulphites

Egg Cob: Contains wheat, eggs

Bacon Cob: Contains wheat

Plain Jacket Potatoes with Butter: Milk

Jacket Potatoes with Cheese and Butter: Milk

Jacket Potatoes with Beans and Butter: Milk

Jacket Potatoes with Chilli and Butter: Milk, Wheat, Barley

Jacket Potatoes with Tuna Mayonaise and Butter: Fish, Egg, Milk, Mustard

All Salad Dressing: Mustard

Coleslaw: Egg, Mustard

Any Panini with Cheese: Wheat, Milk

Any Panini with Ham: Wheat

Any Panini with Tuna: Fish, Wheat

Rocky Road: Soybeans, Milk, Oats, Wheat, Barley

Please note, paninis and jacket potatoes come with side salad with dressing and coleslaw as standard.

All coffees except black Americano and espresso contain Milk

Hot chocolates contain: Milk

Whilst we take every care to minimise cross-contamination, please be aware that we are a producing food in the same kitchen and cannot guarantee that this will not occur.