Welcome to our little world on the internet

Welcome to our little piece of the internet. I wanted to start by telling you a story, if you wouldn’t mind, about how this all came about.

My name is Amy and I spent over 30 years working in the NHS as a nurse – mostly in community mental health for elderly patients and I loved it. Well, I loved helping and caring and the people I met but honestly it was never my dream. No, that was to run my own little coffee shop of some kind.

But it’s also fair to say my private life wasn’t the happiest either. I was in an abusive marriage and the idea of having my own dreams and desires was just something that didn’t happen.

Fortunately though, I found the courage to leave and eventually I met a guy who was the exact opposite, so when I mentioned my dream, rather than pull me down and tell me I was stupid to have it, he encouraged me to make it a reality. He actually believed in me.

But then he went one step further and in February this year won an auction on eBay for what looked like a ratty old 1970’s caravan that was part-converted to a food business.

And then, despite the fact that we’d only moved into our home together at the end of last year, spent every spare evening and weekend fixing her up and making her ready to rock.

I adored her from the moment I set eyes on her. We’re two 70’s girls alike. We’ve seen a lot of life but with a bit of TLC we have a whole lot more to give back.fceab8

We got all of our electrical safety certificates and when the time came, we also got a rating of 5 for out food hygiene.
So ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to PoFfles!

Oh and it would be very remiss of me not to introduce the main man, Harvey. Harvey is our CDO (Chief Doggo Officer) and he’s in charger of *everything*

In a “bored” meeting